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Now that I have your attention, let me first thank you for visiting my profile and spending your valuable time.

For a good time in my career(I would add my bachelor’s life as well😉), I have been dabbling with different technologies. I have worked on microcontrollers, Virtual Reality and now my latest and longest work is on Machine Learning and Computer Vision. All of these technologies helped me create tools which could benefit the People.

In my current job role, I have been creating products at a fast, engaging and energetic startup PerspectAI. We build talent assessment platforms and communication skill assessment tools using engaging games and AI-based Video analytics backed by validated Pyschometrics. The beautiful part of the job it enables all of us at the institution to solve the problems of Job life for employees and employers. Whether be it improving communication skills, assessing abilities which are going to help you thrive in the modern world or understanding people’s motives. We at our core belief that all people are talented and their skills should be matched to the right fit. We do it for the love for success of our fellow beings.

On the hindsight, as I have a habit of dabbling in multiple elements, I have been exploring Healthcare and even working on projects to create better public healthcare systems(ssshhh… top secret! It’s a personal gig)

And, you know what I have a love for traveling and riding bikes which helps me meet a lot of new people. One of those journeys made me think as to why I have been doing different works, learning new technologies. Was it because I loved new challenges and got things to learn?

Sure, I did love that part. But most importantly, it was a constant urge to create an ecosystem where we all can thrive to succeed and dream big. To enable everyone to become curious enough to succeed. It is all for the love of Fellow Human Beings.

If you are interested to ride along new challenges!

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contact number: +91 8084079080

Current Status:Have a day job and freelancing
Primary Skill:Machine Learning
Where did you hear about Unusual Hire ? :Google

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