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Brintha Shanmugalingam Data Visualization Research and Designer
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I am a data visualisation research designer, utilise Tableau, PowerBi, and Qlik and other data visualisation tools to convert complex data into linear stories.

Do you have data and have questions? Using the best analytics tools, I can model your data, create a visualisation to make sense of the data and turn it into useful business insights. I create visual for diversity; they are intuitive to use for anyone, by designing for an iterative experience that helps the user get to their answers as quickly as possible.

What are my best practices and tools?

  • Research: descriptive, correlational, comparative, experimental. 
  • Data Modelling– Practices – Kimball Lifecycle methodology of dimensional modelling and Tool – Power BI.
  • Data Visualization – Kaplan and Norton strategy maps to create balanced data visualisations. Tools – Power Bi, Qlik, Tableau or Excel
  • Storytelling: PowerPoint, Infographic, Adobe XD

Potential Customers of my Services:

Start-ups – Google Analytics will show what happened. My predictive analysis will show what your focal point is.

Journalist and Writers: With my critical analysis and visualisation skills, and I can use data to deliver unique insights for research articles.

Charity Fundraiser – Metrics and storytelling are crucial to successful fundraising; using data visualisation I can help to boost donations. 

Customers can also utilise my services around:

Product Management – I can analyse product-related data and reveal how end-users are using the products/services. The reports will enable product team to develop the product to increase its usefulness.

Resource Management – With given data, I can build utilisation reports, resource forecast, lights on vs investment reports. 

Project Management – With given data, I can build project performance based on related KPI.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.



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